National Academy of Defence Financial Management

The Defence Accounts Department (DAD) which has evolved over the last 250 years, is responsible for payment, accounting, financial advice and internal audit of expenditure of the Army, Navy, Air force, Ordnance Factories, R & D and inter service organizations. The Department is in the service of the services since 1747 and it is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial service leading to customer satisfaction.
Training forms a major component in the department's endeavour to meet it's various objectives. With this aim in view, the National Institute of Management and Accounts, CDA (Trg) was established in the year 1978 at Meerut. Thereafter, a decision was taken for the formation of the Regional Training Centres (RTCs) at Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Meerut. Later on, Lucknow was added. NIMA Merrut moved to Pune, now known as NADFM Pune.


The National Academy of Defence Financial Management has an Administrative Block and a separate Hostel Block.

Lecture Hall

There are 3 Lecture Halls. 2 with a seating capacity of 30 each and 1 with seating capacity of 20. Equipped with white board, Projection system and Public address system.

Computer Lab

There are 2 Labs. One with capacity of 20 and the other with capacity of 16.

Conference Room

There is a conference room with a seating capacity of 20 with video conferencing facility.


There is an auditorium with seating capacity of 65 and equipped with projection system and Public address system.


The library has about 5000 books of various subjects and subscription of about 20 magazines and periodicals.

Sports Facilities:

The academy has 1 billiard room, Table tennis room and well equipped gymnasium.

Home theatre:

There is a well equipped home theatre with dolbey surround sound system with a seating capacity of 15.

Hostel facility

There are 3 VVIP suites,, 3 VIP rooms, 2 transit rooms and 36 Rooms on twin sharing basis for the participant.