SAS Examinations e-learning series

SAS e-learning series has been prepared by NADFM/RTC Pune for the benefit of SAS Examination aspirants in Defence Accounts Department. The module consists of Video Tutorials, Presentations, Important Paragraphs and Multiple Choice Questions on various Regulations/Codes/Manuals applicable in the Department. Initially, the books prescribed for erstwhile SAS Preliminary Examination have been covered.

In the due course of time, all the books prescribed for SAS Part I and Part II would be covered and placed on the portal/web site of the Academy. It may be noted that a particular Code/Manual/Regulations part consists of many video tutorials given running serial number under the particular nomenclature. Topics have been explained as per the index of the concerned book starting from the beginning to end covering the important areas that a candidate is expected to prepare to appear for the examination.

After watching the videos and reasonable preparation, candidates may attempt the Multiple Choice Questions on Gyan Sudha Portal to get familiar with the pattern.GyanSudha portal is available on NADFM/RTC WAN IP address In case any clarification on the uploaded learning material is required, one way contact is through mail i.e.

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