Five Minute Learning Video Series

These videos are of 5 to 10 minutes duration which aims at giving basic information regarding various areas of funcioning of Defence Accounts Department

As a beginning 5 videos are uploaded on topics such as File management, Office Note, CCS conduct Rules, Public Procurement and Audit of Local Purchase Bill.

All out effort has been made to create the content with reference to Rules, Regulations and Manuals and to explain the concepts in simple pictorial and graphic format.

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The following Videos are currently available

File Management

This video explains the system of file management in simple graphical animated way

Office Note

This video explains how to prepare an Office Note

CCS (Conduct) Rules

This video gives information on some of the basic conduct rules in Government service

Public Procurement

This video explains basic principles of Public procurement and also guides on procurement through GeM for items costing less than Rs. 2,50,000/-

Audit of Local Purchase Bills

This video explains the basics of points to be seen while auditing a Local purchase bill